Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo, the Aboriginal name for ‘land out to sea’ is exactly that! Located approximately 1200km north of Perth the Ningaloo Reef fringes the Western Australian coastline for more than 280km from Bundegi Reef on the Western side of the North West Cape to Amherst Point south of Coral Bay. The Ningaloo Reef is home to hundreds of species of marine life, including Fish, Dolphins, Turtles, Manta Rays, Corals and many more. Unlike the Great Barrier Reef the Ningaloo Reef allows visitors to literally walk off the beach with as little as a mask, snorkel and fins in hand and enter a new and amazing world. The Ningaloo Reef also provides some amazing dive sites for those inclined to venture deeper into its maze of corals and marine life.

Another way to see this pristine world is from the air. Our team at Norwest Air Work operate all year round offering personalised scenic flights for you to see this amazing natural wonder from above. I’m certain you will agree when looking at the aerial pictures of our beautiful home that it looks simply breathtaking: An experience not to be missed.


The main seasonal attraction to the Ningaloo Reef region is that of the Whalesharks. The Whalesharks, which can be up to 12m long, return each year while following the warm waters of the Leeuwin current. These magnificent creatures can be seen swimming north along the Ningaloo Reef from mid-March to late-July. Being completely harmless to humans these graceful and gentle giant filter feeders of our oceans allow tourists the experience and thrill of swimming alongside while they scour the ocean surface for krill and plankton. To find out more about these wonderful creatures visit

During the Whaleshark season Norwest Air Work provides the aerial spotting operations for the Exmouth tour operators. We’re there to provide you with a swimming experience you’ll never forget.

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